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Related article: Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 00:20:25 -0400 From: Mark Cantrell Subject: After The Caribbean Cruise: Part TwoThis story is completely fictional, although it does include some of the characters from the parallel 'Caribbean Cruise' Series. It contains detailed sex scenes between men, as well as sex with a female. I hope you enjoy this new story line.After The Caribbean Cruise: Part TwoGerald and Betty joined me for breakfast the next morning. All three of us looked and felt refreshed from our impromptu sexual romp in my pool the evening before. I could still feel Betty's mouth sucking my cock. As I gazed at her this morning, my cock stirred in my shorts."Looks like another beautiful day," Gerald remarked. Anyone for a little beach time this morning?"I had Lolitas Art Pthc an idea and asked, "How would you guys like to go fishing?""Fishing?" Gerald replied. "You know, I haven't been fishing in years. What do YOU think Honey?"Betty screwed up her face and remarked, "Uggh! I'm not much for smelly, slimy least not THAT kind.""I have a buddy who has a 30 foot cabin cruiser. He lets me use it when he's not in town. You could go along for the ride and watch us two virile studs engage in some male bonding," I teased."Hah!", Betty smirked. "I think you two have been 'bonding' quite a lot lately. I was beginning to think you were 'bonded' cock to ass!" I'll be damned! Betty got in another zinger!Gerald laughed and piped up, "You're not too far off Dear, but we have a different form of 'trolling' in least for NOW!" Now WHY can't I ever think of something like that?We all got a laugh at our sexual banter, but Betty agreed it might be fun to go and watch. I had a hunch she just might get interested enough to actually try her hand at catching something besides a bed partner.We walked down to the marina where my friend's boat was located. It was equipped for fishing, since my friend ran a charter service. I knew he was out of town on business, and had left the keys with me, so we were able to board the sleek craft and soon were cruising out of the marina into the open sea.We anchored a couple of miles offshore and tried our hand at casting from the stern. Gerald and I were sitting in the two fighting chairs, even though we were just bottom fishing. We managed to catch a few Sea Bass and Grouper, keeping enough of the larger for our evening meal and a few extra ones, releasing the others.After an hour or two, I suggested we try trolling for possibly some Mahi Mahi. I took over the controls from the upper deck and convinced Betty to try her hand with one of the lighter rods. We had been slowly motoring back and forth in a good spot for about thirty minutes, when Betty let out a squeal! "Ooh...Ooh...I've got something...Look...I've got something!"Sure enough, her rod was bending pretty good, indicating she had a nice size fish on the line. Gerald moved to assist her as she gamely fought to reel her catch in. "Grab the gaff!" I hollered to Gerald. I stopped the engine and hurried down to help.Betty was having the time of her life. The excitement was all over her face. I put my arms around her waist to make sure she didn't get TOO excited and fall overboard. I could feel the bottoms of her breasts against my arms and I marveled at their softness. My mind was definitely not fully on fishing as I wondered how they would feel in my mouth.Gerald was holding onto the taunt line with one gloved hand, and leaning over watching for the hooked fish to appear. Sure enough, a nice sized Mahi Mahi broke Lolitas Art Pthc the surface and rolled, trying to dislodge the hook in it's mouth."Keep the line taunt," I cautioned Betty. "Hold the tip of the rod up and bring the fish over to the side where Gerald can gaff it. She did quite well and in no time, we had the fish safely on board, flopping around on the deck.Betty's face was flushed with excitement as she watched us hold the fish up and attach a hand-held scale to it. "Wow! Fifteen pounds," I remarked. The woman had just made a fool out of the two 'virile studs'. The largest fish Gerald and I had caught weighed just over three pounds.Betty insisted that we get pictures of our catch, so I set my camera's timer and we got a shot Lolitas Art Pthc of two embarrassed guys holding our catch, dwarfed by Betty's Mahi Mahi. She harassed us all the way back to the marina. Finally, I said to Gerald, "What do you say we just throw her overboard? She might make a nice lunch for those sharks." I pointed to where a couple of dolphins were frolicking in the clear water near the bow ot the boat."Hey...Hey guys!" Betty stammered as Gerald and I moved toward her in a menacing manner. "You wouldn't DARE!" Very brave, but her face registered shock when we grabbed her. I had her feet and Gerald had her under her arms."On THREE!" I shouted as we swung her back and forth, and Gerald nodded. "ONE" , I counted."EEEK...N...NO!" Betty screamed. "Don't you DARE!""TWO!" I contuined."OK...OK...You win...I give," Betty yelled."What about it Gerald," I asked. "Think she's learned her lesson?""I think maybe she has," He said, laughing. We sat Betty down on the deck and she struggled to rearrange her halter top which had just about exposed both breasts."Harrumph!" She muttered as she tried to regain her dignity. "I still don't think you guys were serious.""Looks like she didn't learn after all," Gerald said. We moved toward her again."NO...NO...STOP!" Betty said backing away and giggling. "Enough! I get the message."After reaching the marina, we secured the boat, staying long enough to clean and fillet our catch and put it on ice. We headed back to my place after a very enjoyable morning.We had a light lunch of sandwiches and beer. Gerald and Betty went to their room to clean up and I hit the shower myself.I was sitting on the sofa in the large open Great Room when Gerald appeared. "I think I'll take a run down the beach for a while and take in the sights...Be Lolitas Art Pthc back in a Lolitas Art Pthc while." I nodded to him and went back to the book I was reading."You look comfortable there. Mind if I join you?" I looked up as Betty came walking from their room. She was wearing a very short pair of white shorts which showed off her long, shapely legs, and a small halter top. Her dark hair was loose and fell almost to her shoulders.She plopped down beside me on the sofa and drew her knees up under her. She placed one arm on the back of the sofa and smiled at me. "I'm glad you invited us to stay with you Jordan, it's been so nice.""I...I'm glad you both could stay a while. I've kinda gotten used to you two being around. I'll be sorry to see you go."Betty moved close to me and her hand on the back of the sofa started playing with the hair on the back of my neck. "We don't have to go for a while," She whispered in a husky voice.I put my book down and looked closely at her. My heart was beating rapidly. "Ahhh...Betty...I...Err.""Hush Jordan," She said and leaned over and placed her lips against mine. She kept her hand on the back of my neck firmly, as the kiss intensified. Betty turned around so that she was almost in my lap and leaned into my arms as they came up to embrace her. She kissed me again and her tongue sought entrance, so I opened my mouth to allow it in. I moaned into her mouth as her soft lips moved over my own. Her breathing became rapid and ragged.Betty put her other hand on my shirt, unbuttoning the top two buttons and sliding her fingers inside to rub my chest, finding my right nipple and caressing it.I pulled my mouth away to gasp, "B...Betty...What about...Gerald." I wasn't sure this was a good idea. I felt like I was going behind his back.Betty kept her mouth almost against my own as she whispered, "I wanted this time to be just for you and me. Gerald understands...that's why he took himself out of the give us privacy. He is FINE with quit worrying and enjoy it!"With that, she took my hand and moved it to her left breast. I could feel the nipple harden through the thin cloth of her halter. "Mmmmm...Ohhhh...Yesss...Yesss Jordan...that's better."Our mouths joined together in a passionate kiss, as I kneaded the firm breast. She squirmed under my touch when I slowly moved my hand until I could slip it inside the halter, and her naked flesh burned the palm of my hand."Ahhh...More...More...I want more," She hissed. Her body was grinding against my hard cock and she wiggled her butt to rub it even more.I reached my free hand behind her back and fumbled with the catch for a moment, finally feeling it open. I untied the knot at the back of her neck and the garment fell away, baring those beautiful breasts. I glanced longingly at the perfectly formed globes, which were about the size of an orange. The half-dollar sized areolas were bumpy with excitement and the pink nipples were standing up rigid as my hand roamed over them.Betty arched her back and pulled my head into them. I captured one of the pencil-eraser sized nipples in my mouth and teased it with my lips and tongue, nibbling gently with my teeth. I took as much of the delightful sphere into my mouth as possible, lathing the surface with my tongue."Oh, God...Oh, God...Don't stop...Please don't stop...Ohhhh that feel so good Baby. Yesss...Yesss...take them...they're all yours." Her head was thrown back and her eyes were tightly closed.My shorts were getting very uncomfortable with my rock hard erection. I reached an arm under her knees, the other behind her back and rose up off the sofa with her in Lolitas Art Pthc my arms and carried her into my bedroom. I gently laid her on the bed and dropped down beside her. I kissed her eyes, her nose, and finally took possession of her lips, running my tongue around and darting it inside.Betty's hips were grinding against my cock and I reached a hand around to her sweet little butt and pulled her even closer. I squeezed each cheek as she increased her moans. The shorts had a zipper down the back and my fingers slowly lowered it, until I could reach inside and caress her through her thin panties.I started maneuvering the shorts down, and she raised her hips to allow me to quickly pull the cloth down her legs and she kicked them off. She was now clothed only in a skimpy pair of bikini panties. I could see the dark triangle of her sex through the thin material.I moved away from her, bringing a groan of disappointment. I quickly removed my shirt and unsnapped my shorts. Standing up and gazing at her absolutely gorgeous body, I lowered the zipper and my shorts dropped to the floor. My hard cock tented the front of my briefs and Betty's eyes locked onto the display and she licked her lips."Ooooo, BABY" She whispered in a husky voice, "Bring that TO me. I want all of it!"I returned to lie beside her and kissed her, rolling her onto her back and reaching for her heaving breasts again. I kissed her lips for a while, then moved to nuzzle her throat and the side of her neck. I could see goose bumps popping up all over her body."Ahhhhh...Sweet Jordan...Sooo nice...Sooo good."I moved my hand down over her stomach, under the waistband of her panties and into the hair between her thighs. I rubbed around the outside of her slit, finding it already wet. I slid a finger into the crease and ran it up and down the slick puffy outer lips. Betty was going wild. Her mouth hung open, but no words came out. Her hips jerked violently when my finger slipped inside and my thumb massaged the little button at the top of her pussy."Agggghhh...Oooo...Oooo," Betty's hips moved under my finger and I felt her body freeze as the contractions started. Her hips moved in a circular motion as her climax overtook her. After several more contractions, her body went limp.I stopped long enough to tweak her nipples then slowly kissed and licked my way down over her mid section. She sucked in her stomach and hissed as she realised where I was headed. "Oh,God...Yesss, Jordan...Yesss, I want it...Do it...Please." My hands removed the saturated panties, then slowly caressed their way back up those long legs.I moved my body over her and she opened her legs, allowing me to settle in between them. I ran my tongue through her mat of pubic hair and used my tongue to open her portals wide. I found her hard swollen clit and teased it with my tongue, and sucked on it, causing her to gasp and put her hands on each side of my head, pulling me into her quivering depths. I pushed my tongue in as deep as I could, rapidly circling it around the pulsating walls. I tried to get my entire mouth in her as I tasted the sweet nectar of her recent orgasm."Yess...Oh, God...More...Deeper...Ohhhh...Jesus!" Betty cried out as she went into another climax, flooding my mouth with her juices, which I lapped up like a starving man. I couldn't get enough of this woman. It had been so long since I had felt this way. I had come to believe my sex drive had died, along with the death of my wife.Betty was having one orgasm after another. Finally she put both hands on my shoulders and pushed me away from her dripping cunt. "God, Jordan...You're killing me!" She croaked, breathlessly, "Let me catch my breath before you drive me crazy! I've never cum so hard and so many times before."She pushed me over on my back and ripped off my briefs, freeing my surging cock. "Mmmmm...I want some more of this," She whispered as she bent to take the head into her hot mouth. She swirled her tongue around the tip and licked the underside of the shaft.Now it was My turn to groan and gasp as her mouth worked my dick. She went down on it and nuzzled her nose in my bush, then began rapidly bobbing up and down. My hips jerked up to force more of my cock into her sucking mouth.She was going to make me cum pretty soon, so I grabbed her head and reluctantly pulled her off my pole. "Easy, Babe," I gasped. "You're just TOO good at that and I don't want to cum yet."Betty grinned at me and then swung her leg over my body to straddle my hips. "I don't want you to cum yet either," She said. "I want to feel you in me. I've been wanting to feel it for days."She took my dick in her hand and moved her body up over my hips. I felt the tip of my throbbing pole press against the outer lips of her pussy. I groaned as the head slid smoothly into her slick tunnel. She was so wet from my oral ministrations that she took me entirely without stopping. Her sweet bottom was resting against my hips.Betty's eyes opened wide as she felt me fill her cunt. Her walls started pulsating and contracting around my shaft, making me gasp as another orgasm hit her and we both groaned at the contact. The feeling was so intense, we just remained still, afraid any movement would cause us to lose control.Once the immediate urge passed, Betty began to rotate her hips. She was so wet that her pussy slid easily over the surface of my hips. Her juices were saturating my bush and I could feel them running down the crack of my ass. I pushed my hips up driving my dick even deeper into her as we continued a slow sensual rhythm. I moved one hand behind her butt and put the other against her pubic mound. With my thumb, I found her hard little clit and began rolling it around as she gasped and shuddered with yet another orgasm."Ohhhh, Jordan!" Betty sighed. "I LOVE how you feel in me. Do you like how my pussy feels?""Ohhhh, Baby," I groaned, "I can't believe how good your sweet pussy feels...AND how good it tastes. I thought I would never want to be with another woman again. You are beautiful, and sexy, and I wish I could stay in your pussy forever."My words seemed to stimulate her and she began raising up and down on my pole. She would pull almost off, then slam back down and rotate her hips in a big circle before raising back up. The wetness between us made a delightful slurping sound and sent chills up our bodies. Once again I felt my cum rising, but I was enjoying myself too much to end it yet."Hang on Baby," I said as I rolled us over so that I was now on top. Betty put her legs around my waist and her heels dug into the calves of my legs. Now I began to take over the thrusting and I leaned back to look at my dick plunging in and out of her sweet pussy. The sight was enough to make me shudder.Her hips were raising up to slap against my hips as I bottomed out on each stroke. We were looking intently into each other's eyes as we fucked. "I love the look on your face right now," I whispered. "You're even more beautiful than ever. Damn, Gerald is one lucky guy.""Mmmmm...You say the sweetest things Jordan. I love Gerald but...let's not think about him right now. This is just you and one else in the whole world exists right now."I leaned down and kissed her gently as my hips continued driving my dick into her pussy. I felt her stiffen and another convulsion rippled through her body as she climaxed again. Her walls were caressing my shaft so completely, I thought the top of my head was going to explode."Ohhh...Jordan...You've made me cum so many times I lost count. I want to feel YOU cum inside me...Please cum for me." She sped up the gyration of her hips and pulled my lips to hers again, darting her tongue into my mouth.I couldn't have held out any longer no matter how hard I tried. Betty was just too good and she was going to make me cum. I hated to leave her soft lips, but I was having trouble breathing now as my climax began to boil in my balls."Ohhhh...Yesss...Yesss...I'm gonna cum for you Baby...Your sweet little pussy is going to make me cum...Uuuunnngggh...I'm there, Baby...I'm cumming...Oh, God...I'm Cumming!" My hips slammed against her pelvis as I tried to shove my cock into her throat. As the cum rushed up shaft, I slammed into her one more time as deep as I could and gave in to the overwhelming pleasure and flooded Betty with spurt after spurt of white hot cum."Oh, Jordan," She cried out, "Oh...Oh...Jordan...Jordan...Fuck me...Fuck me...I feel your cum inside...Oh, Yessss...God, Yessss." Betty convulsed as she climaxed with me.When my cock finally Lolitas Art Pthc stopped firing, and I could no longer give any more, I slipped my wet cock out of her saturated pussy and lay beside her. We kissed again and again as we slowly came down off the biggest high I had ever experienced.We slept in each other's arms for a short while, until Betty slowly roused me out of my reverie. She kissed me again and nibbled on my ear whispering, "That was everything I had hoped for...and MORE! You are a wonderful lover Jordan.""You're not so bad yourself Lady," I replied. I could very easily make a habit out of that.""I'm glad you enjoyed it, Jordan. I was hoping you would. Gerald and I both feel it would be a shame if you turned into strictly a man's man. After what I just experienced, I don't think we have to worry about THAT!""No," I answered, "I don't think it will be a problem. Funny...just a little over a week ago, I didn't think PERIOD, was ever going to mean anything to me. Now, I feel like a completely new man. You and Gerald have found the magic switch. I know I will want to have sex with other guys from now on but...thanks to YOU Babe, I realize I will also want to make love to other women too. I hope you and I can enjoy this again while you're here.""That's wonderful," Betty said. "We'll manage somehow. much as I hate to end this...I'd better get cleaned up. Gerald will be back soon and will probably want to hear all the details. If your ears are burning later, that'll be why." Kissing me once more, she rose, gathered her clothes and threw me a wink over her shoulder as she headed for her room. I raised up on one elbow and gazed at her naked body as she walked across the den and disappeared into her room.I sighed and lay back, reminiscing about the pleasures I had enjoyed with this vibrant, sexy woman.End Of Part Two. Part Three to follow soon. Comments welcome at
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